WBBL vs NCAA – Part 2

In the previous post (WBBL vs NCAA – Part 1) we found out that the shot ranges didn’t differ much between close-up shots, midrange shots, and 3 point shots.  Moving forward, my next analysis was looking at just catch and shoot (C&S) shots.  The Big Ten took just 1% more of C&S shots, but what was more significant is that C&S shots are taken much more when guarded than unguarded in comparison with C&S shots taken in the WBBL.  This must be due to the fact that the Big Ten (like other Division 1 conferences in the NCAA) play tougher defense, making the C&S shots more often contested.


Because the C&S statistics showed the differences in defense, that lead me to do one last analysis:  the type of defense each league plays.  These charts below show the percentage of time each league plays zone vs. man defense.  Quite shocking results to be honest!

As the WBBL season continues, I anticipate more teams will add zone defense to their repertoire, so I hypothesize the defensive styles won’t differ as much as they appear to right now.  Then I can take a look at which teams are more successful against which types of defense.  Also, we can look into which teams are more successful taking which types of shots.  And then maybe into more detail about which players in particular should be taking those shots.

The takeaway from the stats would be this:  I cannot iterate enough the importance of shooting.  Not just casually spot shooting, but game-like shots.  Be ready to be more tightly guarded if/when you head overseas to America hoop.  Teams at Universities in the USA shoot at an incredibly higher clip guarded and unguarded.  Right now as a league, the WBBL is shooting 35.0% (with an aFG%* of 38.7%) from the field and the average PPP is 0.665.  To compare, in the 2014-2015 season, all NCAA Division 1 teams averaged 39.6% (with an aFG% of 44.05%) from the field and their average PPP was 0.773.

Before I wrap up, I’d like to ask my readers which types of things you’d want to see come out of the data/stats I look at.  Are there certain areas of the game you’re curious about?  Play types such as pick and roll or isolation?  Defending picks?  Turnover stats?  Assists?  Fouls?  Rebounding?

Please comment below and let me know! 🙂

2 thoughts on “WBBL vs NCAA – Part 2

  1. I would be curious to know if there is any correlation between the C & S shooting percentage for guarded players and the height of the person defending the shot? If yes, then players know their improved (or not) odds in any particular match-up based on the size of their defender. If there is a strong, consistent correlation, coaches could also use this information to both their offensive OR defensive benefit for the C & S shots taken or defended by their players!


  2. So, if in WBBL Teams play ~90% of the entire game in a man defense situation (so far in this season) compared to the 65-35 of Big10, but then the % of C&S unguarded shots is way higher than the big 10 and with less scoring percentage, can we then state that:

    1- as you said, cannot stress enough the importance of game shooting situational drills, repetitions, all day, everyday.

    2- we MUST stress, especially in UK, that people must play better Defense, AND starting from practice. Tougher defense leads to less unguarded shots. And that’s what the younger WBBL players need to get used to, if they wanna play at college level

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